Here is just a taste of some of the content at Shambala 2015. We will leave this info on this page for a little while for those off you who want to find out more about the some bands, workshops and venues you came across in the fields of Shambala. We will be uploaded content for 2016 at the beginning of January.

  • Phil

    Brilliant 😀 XxX

  • Ben P

    When are further acts being confirmed?

  • Rob Newcombe

    Not sure if you are actually still booking artists but considering how this years carnival theme is ‘Cosmic’ would it not be a great idea to book some techno dj’s along the lines of Jeff Mills or Planetary Assault Systems?

    I’ve been going to Shambala for six years straight and although I have a musically eclectic taste, sadly Techno (being one of my prefered genres) has consistantly been on the wain. Surely there must be a way to bring back the RFID tent to Shambala with their crazy cosmic visuals? This would be a perfect combination…

    p.s. I would also love to see The Orb perform on the main stage :)

    • Nick

      Completely agree… definitely missing some decent house/techno from the lineup!!

    • a field somewhere

      I would also love to see The Orb perform. You can keep the techno though, not sure I still have the stamina.
      (I am however ridiculously excited about Withering Tights. Does that mean I’m old?)

    • Tracey

      Bring back the RFID tent to Shambala – yes please!!!!

    • Andrew Buzza

      Here here.

  • Rob Newcombe

    If there is one dj/producer I can think of who needs to get booked, it is without a doubt… Special Request (aka Paul Woolford)!

    He would absolutely tear Kamikaze apart…

  • griff griffith

    is gardna playin?

  • Simon Bingham

    does anyone know if Bramble FM are going to be there this year ?