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What kind of Shambalan are you? 


1. Which of these icons most closely represents your world view?

A) Barney the Dinosaur

B) David Attenborough

C) Hunter S Thompson

D) David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe


2. The first thing you do after coming through Shambala’s gates is:

A) Get overexcited, do a jig and fall on your face

B) Locate the nearest falafel supplier

C) Tent up; cocktail in hand; let’s go!

D) Slowly mosey around. You don’t want to overexert yourself!


3. Which cosmic chaos character best represents you?

A) The friendly alien – making new chums everywhere

B) A meteor – a force of nature blazing a trail

C) The spaceman – going where no man has gone before

D) The peaceful and twinkly night sky


4. If you were a beverage, which would you be?

A) Pina Colada – colourful, exotic and fruity

B) Organic craft ale – locally sourced

C) Rum and ginger – and lots of it please

D) Coconut water – hydration is key


5. What’s your Achilles heel?

A) Shiny, sparkly things

B) An OCD attitude to recycling

C) Parties

D) You’re always late


6. You’ve been abducted by aliens; beamed up out of your bed as you sleep. What’s your reaction?

A) Introduce yourself to everyone immediately and start a sing-along. Thanks to your abysmal caterwauling, it’s not long before they drop you home.

B) Observe and try to converse. Maybe these guys have the secret to save humanity!

C) Crack open the beer you keep stashed in your pyjama pocket and enjoy the galaxies flying past.

D) Kick up a fuss and demand to be dropped back. Hey, you need your beauty sleep!


Mostly A: Cosmic sparkle rainbow pony


Blink and you’re gone, leaving only a meteoric tail of sparkles and rainbows. You’re in fancy dress from the moment you wake up – in fact, you’re not really sure anymore what’s fancy dress and what’s normal daywear. You’re like a big fluffy, bouncing love heart, a care bear incarnate, a butterfly straight out of paradise. However lovable, your friends curse the trail of glitter you leave in their tents.

Area for you: Bearded Kitten


Mostly B: The mung bean greeny


You’ve got a carbon footprint smaller than an ant’s tootsie and you’re not afraid to tell absolutely everyone about it. Shambala was built on people like you: you’re passionate and engaged in the problems our society is facing, and ready to stand up and do something about them. You’ll gladly sacrifice a few showers to save on water and you’re pretty much vegan too. Just don’t go around boasting too much.

Area for you: Permaculture


Mostly C: Professional party-head

You take partying very seriously indeed. You’ve organized your music schedule weeks before the festival and already have it all highlighted in neon on your programme. You’ll be awake all 72 hours of the festival and nothing less, armed with ample water supplies, alcohol, vitamins and Valium – in case it all goes pear-shaped. You’re clad in fairy lights for increased Portaloo visibility, you’ve got a bumbag strapped to you with all the essentials and a camelback for complete hydration at all times. See you front left.

Area for you: The Kamikaze


Mostly D: On ice

So laid-back you’re almost horizontal, you’ve come to Shambala to chill – no one is going to rush you. While you might tag along to the parties with your wayward friends, you’ll be eating nice food, sleeping loads and generally pampering yourself to the max. On the last day of the festival you’ll be radiating health from every pore, while those around you are tinged a funny shade of green.

Area for you: Shambala Springs