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Independent Festival Award Winner: Womb With A View!

Two years ago, Team Womb wriggled their way into our hearts, by entering our Microvenues competition – which gave teams of Shambalans a chance to dream up a venue idea, and bring it to life on site.

We gave them a marquee, a bit of budget and free creative reign – and they made some serious, velvety magic happen. We could not be prouder to announce that, after two years of bringing their special brand of immersive mischief to Shambala, they’ve only gone and bagged the ‘Unique Festival Arena’ award at the Independent Festival Awards 2017. 

Anyone who has ever donned their egg hat and tunnelled through the fallopian tube, to take part in a spot of hummmbylical cord karaoke will know what a joyful labour of love this project has been. We couldn’t be prouder.

Massive congratulations, team! Check out Womb With A View on Facebook HERE and give them some love – they deserve it.

Big love, The Shambala Team x